APX M - APX Racing Simulators


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The APX M is a turn key FULL MOTION (D-Box) simulator with fully customizable hardware. There simply isn't a better deal on the market. Talk to a Sim Specialist now for questions: contact@apxsim.com

APX Motion is a racing simulator platform that allows for full motion and complete customization options. Using the latest in D-Box actuators, no other product on the market is like it. APX stands alone in terms of quality and craftsmanship. If you want a turn key full motion simulator or use the platform to build your own rig, APX is the perfect start. Unlike other simulator chassis, APX puts an emphasis on rigidity and build quality. APX isn't a flimsy oversees import, it's built in California by craftsman who have been producing the best racing simulators in the world for years.

The APX M includes the cockpit frame with wheel and pedal brackets for Logitech, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster hardware. The APX M has a variety of seat packages available all with adjustable slide rack. The cockpit itself weighs 35 LBS and is 33" wide and 70" long. It ships as a complete unit in 7-10 days.